OFFICERS 2017-2018
1st row R to L PGHP John B. Arbuckle, Jr. -Grand Chaplain, PGHP George D. Jackson - Grand Treasurer, R.E. Gary B. Tucker - Grand King, M.E. Vaughn F. Shafer, GHP, R.E. Joshua A. Schrader - Grand Scribe, E. Roger D. Linger - Grand Captain of Host, R.E. Larry T. Bates, PHP -Grand Secretary, PGHP Paul V. Cottrell -Grand Lecturer
2nd row R to L E. Stephen L. Wolfe -Grand Marshall, E. Gregory K. Ball -Grand Principal Sojourner, E. Edward E. Ball - G.M 1st Veil, E. Charles L. Stamper - G.M.2nd Veil, E. Thomas D. Cline - G.M. 3rd Veil, E. Lewis R. Youngblood -Grand Royal Captain, E. Vincent E. Perry - Grand Tiler

OFFICERS 2017-2018
Grand High Priest Vaughn F. Shafer wuneff@frontier.com
Grand King Gary B. Tucker
Grand Scribe Joshua A. Schrader tbiwvulaw@aol.com
Grand Treasurer George D. Jackson, PGHP gjackson1@ma.rr.com
Grand Secretary Larry T. Bates ltbates33@aol.com
Grand Lecturer Paul V. Cottrell, PGHP paulvcottrell@frontier.com
Grand Chaplain John B. Arbuckle, Jr., PGHP jbaj@wvdsl.net
Grand Captain of the Hosts Roger D. Linger rdlinger@suddenlink.net
Grand Principal Sojourner Gregory K. Ball gkballjd@hotmail.com
Grand Royal Arch Captain Louis R. Youngblood youngbloods2@wvdsl.net
Grand Master 3rd Veil Thomas D. Cline clinetd1973@gmail.com
Grand Master 2nd Veil Charles L. Stamper
Grand Master 1st Veil Edward E. Ball wvpgc1112@wildblue.net
Grand Marshal Stephen L. Wolfe stephenwolfe.sw@gmail.com
Grand Tiler E. Vincent E. Perry bubbagunnut@zoominternet.net