Past Commanders and
Line Officers Association
Knights Templar of Pennsylvania

(Formerly Division No. 9)
Constituted January 28th, 1930

To conceive and promote the best interests of
Templary in general, and Division 9 in particular;
to bring the Past Commanders and Officers of the several
Commanderies into closer relationship;
to ensure harmony and good fellowship throughout the Division;
and to obtain concerted action in all things
pertaining to the Division at large

The Association meets twice yearly,
the last week in March and the last week in August.
Details of the next meeting will be posted when available

Thursday March 29, 2012
Barn House Restaurant
7401 Airport Road
Bath, Pennsylvania 18014

Knightly Greetings and
WELCOME to Our Home Page

President - 2010 - 2012
S. K. William M. Mason, III, PC

For Official Information: Secretary
S. K. Dale R. Shenberger, PC#20, PDC#9
4629-8 Indian Creek Road, Macungie, Pa., 18062
610) 966-3806,

Elected Officers
Aug 2010 to March 2012
Pres. William M. Mason, III, PC
1st V. Pres. Errol T. Betzenberger, PC
2nd V. Pres. Alfred D. Much, PDC
Treas. Gene C. Bower, PDC#9
Secry. Dale R. Shenberger, PDC#9
Prelate Stephen Higgins, PDC#9

Thomas F. Miller 2008-2010 Haviland L. Heller 1965-1966
David M. Howells, Sr.2006-2008 Robert E. Hess 1964-1965
Frederick W. Hahn 2004-2006 James E. Bauer 1963-1964
Uwe N. Petersen 2002-2004 Earl A. Fisher 1962-1963
Robert D. Lambert 2000-2002 Fred D. DeBellis 1961-1962
John F. Miller 1998-2000 James B. Goddard 1960-1961
Charles E. Ruler 1996-1998 William F. Scheirer 1959-1960
Stephen Higgins 1994-1996 Willis B. Scheidy 1958-1959
Gene C. Bower 1992-1994 Reginald E. Woodward 1957-1958
Arnold Heilman 1990-1991 Frederick T. Becker 1956-1957
Daniel Brown 1989-1990 Earl A. Smith 1955-1956
Julius E. Gray 1988-1989 Robert R. App 1954-1955
Ellis F. Riebel 1987-1988 John J. Christ 1953-1954
John H. McQuilken, Jr. 1986-1987 Daniel P. Berger 1952-1953
Edward E. Whitehead 1985-1986 William B. Wolfe 1951-1852
Frank L. Daniels 1984-1985 Franklin P. Hittell 1950-1951
Theodore C. Iobst 1983-1984 William D. Rabenhold 1949-1950
Donald Frankenfield 1982-1983 Warren G. Ache 1948-1949
David Crane 1981-1982 T. Stuart Drake 1947-1948
John Peters 1980-1981 Winfield R. Solomon 1946-1947
Guy Bierman 1979-1980 Miles K. Person 1945-1946
Willard W. Waltz 1978-1979 Clarence E. Moyer 1944-1945
Stephen Pecha, Jr. 1977-1978 Harry P. Smith 1942-1944
John C. Schell 1976-1977 William B. McCabe 1941-1942
Austin G. Yockey 1975-1976 Erwin E. Breisch 1940-1941
Victor F. Koch 1974-1975 Clinton S. Jackson 1939-1940
Paul C. Detweiler 1973-1974 Clarence W. Dupee 1938-1939
John J. Deily 1972-1973 Howard D. Snyder 1937-1938
John W. Painter 1971-1972 George P. Hull 1936-1937
Henry W. Thompson 1970-1971 George P. Schicher 1935-1936
John F. Gover 1969-1970 James A, Beatty 1934-1935
Hartwell S. Custer 1968-1969 D. Frank Baim 1933-1934
Harry P. Derrickson 1967-1968 J. Martin Ross 1932-1933
Walter W. Heintzelman 1966-1967 Charles W. Wolfertz 1930-1932

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Dan Pushee, and
Bill Haynes