Welcome to the Ocala Council webpage. We invite sojourning Royal & Select Masters to join us for Cryptic fellowship. Our Stated Convocations are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Citrus Lodge, No. 118, Inverness, Florida

2018 OFFICERS Illustrious Master Lynn F. Coleman, KYCH
E-mail: lfc2902@comcast.net
phone: 352-259-1911

Deputy Master Wayne A. Baker
E-mail: papio812@yahoo.com

Principal Conductor of Work Bruce A. Reinartsen, Sr.
E-mail barsr32552@yahoo.com

Treasurer Anthony J. Marotta
E-mail: taz1957@tampabay.rr.com

Secretary Dana K. Oldenburg
E-mail: widowssonfl@yahoo.com

Council Charities
 Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation (CMMRF)
 The Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation funds research, at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, to find the causes and eventually a cure for arteriosclerosis and its complications.

Cryptic Degrees
This Degree takes us backward in time to a day prior to the death of the builder, Hiram Abif, who is again the central character. He imparts sublime teachings of a useful labor on earth to the candidate and gives him instruction as to the preservation of our valuable secrets. This is one the most beautiful Degrees in all Masonry. Its lessons are so impressive that they are seldom forgotten. It is especially illustrative of the third and seventh Degrees.

Historically, this Degree occurs also prior to the third Degree and deals with incidents that occurred at the building of the first Temple. It is closely connected with the Royal Arch Degree and affords the explanation needed for its perfect understanding. It is highly dramatic.

This degree deals with incidents in the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar when Zedehiah, the last King of Judah, was conquered and carried captive to Babylon. It enlarges upon the section of the Royal Arch having to do with the capture of Jerusalem by the Babylonian King, and teaches in most dramatic fashion the lesson of fidelity. (This degree, due to its complexity, is not normally conferred in Council, and is put on at Winter Haven and Jacksonville once a year).

Do you want to know and enhance your Masonic knowledge and education? Do you want to learn the history of what happens between the first and Royal Arch degrees? Complete your Master Mason degree.

Fill out a petition and join the Ocala Council of Royal & Select Masters.

Council History
 Ocala Council No. 22 was chartered May 18, 1931. The minutes prior to 1937 were lost. No records exist on the charter members. The signatures on the charter are not distinguishable. But, from his Masonic obituary, we know that Bradford C. Webb was Illustrious Master in 1930. Based on this fact, he probably was one of the chartered members of the same.

Ocala Council No. 22 Past Thrice Illustrious Masters
1930 Webb, Bradford C. 1962 Smith, Alexander K. 1988 Hinton, James M.
1931 - 1937 (Missing) 1963 McDonell, Harold R. 1989 Reiner, Bernard
1938 Bangert, C. A. 1964 Tubbs, Elmer L. 1990 Freund, William J.
1939 Bogue, W. C. 1965 Theus, W. Orion. 1991 Sanchez, Leonard
1940 Rinier, O. S. 1966 Marwick, Arthur R. 1992 Landon, Gerald E
1941 Needham, William 1967 Tomlinson, William L. 1993 Watts, Edward J.
1942 Jennings, A. B. 1968 Moore, James R. 1994 Luisier, Fred
1943 Roesell, J. T. 1969 Hall, Karl S. 1995 Mahler, Louis R.
1944 Roesell, J. T. 1970 Sykes, Thomas M. 1996 Johnson, Jarvis H.
1945 Roesell, J. T. 1971 Sykes, Thomas M. 1997 Eastman, Durward
1946 Smith, A . K. 1972 Durst, James 1998 Rudman, James P.
1947 Torlay, Warren M. Jr. 1973 Evers, Luther 1999 Aponte, David A.
1948 Dickenson, Thomas 1974 Hammaker, Phil W. 2000 Rudman, James P.
1949 Wilson, Paul E. 1975 Schotter, John E. 2001 Price, Joseph T.
1950 Forbes, I. U. 1976 Finney, Charles B. 2002 Mitchell, Steve
1951 Tubbs, Elmer L. 1977 Stahl, Neil F. 2003 Marotta Jr., Anthony J.
1952 Thompson, Virgil C. 1978 Clemmons, Junius C 2004 Hughey, James
1953 Laird, Henry, B. 1979 Tickner, John W. 2005 Salls, Steed
1954 Riesdorph, Bernard 1980 Wynn, Ralph 2006 Mundreanu, Lucian
1955 Nelson, J. Walter 1981 Burke, Franklin H. 2007 Walls, C. Alan
1956 Ehlers, Franklin F. 1982 McKelvey, John 2008 Mitchell, Steve
1957 Kellam, Arthur L. 1983 Clemmons, Junius C 2009 Duff, Larry D,
1958 Sprinkle, Henry T. 1984 DiPasca, Albin W. 2010 Wagner, William C.
1959 Marwick, Arthur R. 1985 Riesdorph, Frederick 2011 Oldenburg, Dana
1960 Smith, James O. 1986 Elliston, Richard
1961 Seals, John H. 1987 Ehlers, Edward W.

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