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The purpose of this site is provide "links" to
reports, articles, research papers and information
associated with Freem@sonry on the Internet.
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Since December 1997

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UPDATED - 081816 @ 1200 HRS
is a collection of biographical, Masonic Lodge, district and,
other historical data for Freemasonry in the New England area,
with a first emphasis on Massachusetts.

What Masonry IS:
It is a voluntary association of men.
It is a system of moral conduct.
It is a way of Life.
It is a fraternal society.
It is religious in its character.
It teaches the Golden Rule.
It seeks to make good men better men.
It teaches morality through symbolism.
It uses rites and ceremonies to instruct its members.
It is based on a firm belief in the Fatherhood of God,
the Brotherhood of Man, and the Immortality of the Soul.

What Masonry IS NOT:
It does not solicit members.
It is not an insurance or benefit society.
It is neither a religion nor a creed not a religious order.
It is not a charity organization, but makes charity a duty.
It is not organized for profit.
It dictates to no man as to his beliefs, either religious or secular.
It seeks no advantages for its members through business or politics.
It is not a forum for discussion of religion, politics or other partisan affairs.
It is not a secret society, as it does not conceal its existence or purposes.

What's a Mason?
Why A Royal Arch Mason?
What is A Royal Arch Mason?
What is A Cryptic Mason?
What is A Knight Templar?


Click Here for the George Washington Masonic National Memorial
C-Span Video

from the Knight Templar Magazine

by Dan Pushee
1994 Paper - "Joseph Warren,PGM"
1996 Paper - "Paul Revere, Grand Master"
1997 Article - "Freemasonry on the Internet"
1997 Article - "Paul Revere, York Rite Mason"
1998 Paper - "Something New Found in the Quaries"
2002 Internet - American Pioneers In Antigonish

50 Years Ago Today - April 1954
Talk given by JC Simser on 29 April 2004
to 50 Year Members of Morning Star Lodge #159 in Jefferson IA

Masonry, "For the Glory of God"
Talk given by MP Perry Anderson on 10 July 2007
At Maggie Valley Conference, North Carolina


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