How To Kick a Sacred Cow and Other
Thrilling Tales From The Great Rebellion
By Jerry Marsengill

A publication of Iowa Research Lodge # 2
Second Print - December 1978

By Charles T. Jackson
Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Iowa

        Should you believe it? Over the centuries a wealth of misinformation concerning Masonry has been amassed. From time to time, certain denials, retractions, and corrections have been published. Soon thereafter, though, the same misinformation is again published, some speakers possibly carrying a Grand Lodge title or appearing to be reputable because of training or connections, will reiterate some inaccuracy. This will be picked up by numerous Masonic publications and the vicious cycle is on again.
        It is therefore, a real pleasure to see this collection of articles pointing out many of these fallacies. Jerry Marsengill is, without doubt, one of the true Masonic scholars of the day. He does not write anything until he has carefully researched the facts. I would, therefore, recommend this collection of writings as and excellent source for the student or speaker who is anxious to verify statements he has heard.


        This is a collection of various writings. Some of them have been published before, others are appearing here for the first time. The title article, "How to Kick a Sacred Cow" is new as is the article on Flavius Josephus. "Kinnamon's Fraudulent Egyptian Masonry" originally appeared in the Iowa Grand Lodge Bulletin. "The Care and Feeding of Visiting Firemen was written for and presented to the Southwestern Grand York Rite Officer's conference, and later published in the Royal Arch Mason. "Masonic Misinformation" and "Unions and Masonry" were also published in the Royal Arch Mason. "Mason's Marks at Stonehenge" was presented to Colorado College S.R.I. C.F and published in the Rosicrucian Fama Nos. 43 and 44. "Truth is a Divine Attribute" was a talk presented to the Missouri Lodge of Research at their annual breakfast and is published here for the first time. The balance of the articles have been published in the Oregon Freemason. Some of these articles are factual, some are theoretical, and one, "The Doctrine of Perfect Youth" was written tongue in cheek, (or as some will probably say, foot in mouth.) These are not intended to be an expression of the beliefs of Research Lodge No. 2 nor of the Grand Lodge of Iowa. Where factual presentations are made, I have endeavored to keep them free from error. Where opinions are given, they are mine and mine alone. Where a sermon is given, it is the thoughts of one man. Hopefully, not everyone will agree with my contentions. If errors in scholarship are found, I would be pleased to have them called to my attention. I would also welcome correspondence from those whose opinions differ from my own. However, if you are inclined to write to tell me that you believe the story of "Lizzie" Aldsworth's initiation, or that you are convinced that Cleopatra was the first Worthy Grande Matron of the Egyptian Order of the Eastern Star, save your paper and time. Believe what you like but if you are going to convince me, at least send me Cleo's dues receipt as some documentary evidence. Whether or not you agree, if these article have made you think, or have given you a few moments of pleasure then they have been worth the time.

Jerry Marsengill