Organized 1977

Finance Committee:
     (a) prepare a budget for the Grand Chapter and the Grand Council for 2010-2011;
     (b) audit Hilo, Honolulu & Windward York Rite.
Members: Bruce Bonnell (Chair), John Connell, and Justin McNeal.

Jurisprudence / By-Laws Committee:
     (a) answer questions of YR law on an ad hoc basis;
     (b) periodically review Chapter and Council By-Laws.
Members: All Past High Priests and Past Illustrious Masters.

Communications / Membership:
     (a) YR-HI ROLLS System to be implemented immediately,
     (b) quarterly GYRNewsletter (input from all Officers & YR-Bodies)
     (c) develop and implement the R3 York Rite Membership Development Plan focused
         on the three areas: Retention, Restoration and Recruitment;
     (d) expand and refine the YR Ambassadors Program;
     (e) streamline procedures for obtaining and processing Membership Petitions
     (f) development and maintenance of a YR Website.
Members: Gerhart Walch, Donovan Young, Cecil Ryder,Dexter Carrasco, Jon Haig.

Long-Range Planning:
     (a) annual review of Mission and Vision statements;
     (b) determine annual objectives / goals for current administration;
     (c) determine mileposts (measurements of progress) and
         “critical success factors” (measurements of success).
Members: Dennis Ing, Andy Geiser, Ray Wiekowicz, John Connell, Arne Winters,
         Greg Pentecost, Bob Shimamoto and Keith Isaacson.

     (a) plan and offer schools of instruction (opening, ritual, review of signs, etc.);
     (b) plan and offer programs of YR education (history and meetings, etc.).
Members: Greg Pentecost, Monty Glover, Keith Isaacson,
         John Connell, Dennis Ing and Lyle Phillips.

York Rite Education:
     (a) with the exception of Degree / Order Rituals, the York Rite Sovereign College of Hawaii
         to prepare and implement Educational Programs. History, Management, Officers, etc.
Members: Elected Officers of the College under the leadership of Arne Winters, Governor.

Ad Hock Committee:
     (a) Website Development, Officers Manual, Job Descriptions.
Members: Ray Wiekowicz, Gerhart Walch