Front Row: Rt. Ex. Francis P. Mitrano, Grand Lecturer; Rt. Ex. Peter W. Ham, Senior Grand Lecturer; and Rt. Ex. Robert A. Peete, Grand Lecturer.
Second Row: Rt. Ex. Dana Jackson; Rt. Ex. Manuel Ferreira, III; Most Ex. John M. MacNeill, Past Grand High Priest; Rt. Ex. Donald W. Carriger, Jr.; Comp. Jay A. Jolicoeur
Third Row: Rt. Ex. Peter J. Andrews, Past Grand Lecturer; Rt. Ex. George A. Wiseman; Rt. Ex. S. Wesley Lindsey;
Most Ex. Charles R. Austin, Grand High Priest; Rt. Ex. Donald H. Plant; and Rt. Ex. Robert C. Corr
Back Row: Comp. John Ruggles, II; Rt. Ex. Jeffrey L. Gardiner; Ex. Antonio Lopez; Ex. Daniel J. T. Daly; and Rt. Ex. Rev. Michael S. Bickford

    The Grand Royal Arch Chapter Exemplification Degree Team maintains a superior level of quality in the exemplification of Capitular Ritual. Each year the Team exemplifies all four Chapter Degrees under the direction of the Grand Lecturers. Membership on the Team is at the invitation of the Grand Lecturers. Appointments are for a one year term.

    The Team holds a series of rehearsals beginning in late October on successive Saturday mornings. Chapter officers are strongly encouraged to attend these rehearsals to see how the Ritual should be performed.
    For details and location of rehearsals see Calendar below.

    REHEARSALS for 2014-2015 [see schedule]
    are to be held at the Norwood Masonic Building, 86 Day Street, Norwood, MA 02062

    The Team is available, subject to Team members schedules, to confer the Capitular Degrees in local Chapters, and welcomes invitations from Chapters. Furthermore, Team members may be available on an individual basis to assist Chapters in conferring degrees. Contact the Chapter Grand Secretary at the York Rite Boston Office to inquire about individual Team member assistance, or, see information below on "How to Invite the Team"

    How to invite the Team
    Send a letter to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter Grand Secretary at the York Rite Boston Office inviting the Team to confer the "particular Degree" on "state day of week", "Month", "Date", "Year" and "Time". The invitation should be received at least 2 months in advance of the desired date to allow ample notification of Team members; however, shorter time frames can sometimes be accommodated. Do not let the 2 months lead time deter you!

    It is customary, but not required that the Team be the guest of the Chapter, if a dinner is being planned. Chapters are expected to make a donation to the William Foster Clark Memorial Fund for the services of the team.