Allen Council No. 23
    Royal and Select Master Masons
    Allentown, Pennsylvania

    Constituted December 24th, 1864
Fraternal Greetings and
Our Official Home Page
Jeffrey A Moser
Thrice Illustrious Master

Stated Assemblies:
First Tuesdays of each month at 7:30PM
in Chapter Hall, Allentown Masonic Temple
1524 West Linden Street, Allentown, PA

Membership Requirements:
In order to petition for initiation and membership,
you must be a Master Mason and a Royal Arch Mason.
If you are interested in becoming a Royal and Select Master Mason,
please contact the Recorder for additional information.

Allen Council No. 23 welcomes visitors from other councils
working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Royal
and Select Master Masons or any other grand council in amity
with the Grand Council of Pennsylvania.

Please note that we are called off from labor in July and August,
and no assemblies will be held in either of those months.

Refreshments are served in the Compass and Square Room immediately following each assembly.

Please feel free to contact the Recorder for any additional information.

OFFICERS 2015-2016
Elected Officers
Thrice Illustrious Master: Jeffrey A Moser
Deputy Illustrious Master: John S Tarafas
Principal Conductor of Work: Brad R Stiegerwalt
Treasurer: Robert S Zakos Jr
Recorder: Dale R Shenberger, PTIM
Trustees James E Green, PTIM
Aaron R White, PTIM
David M Howells Sr, PTIM
Representative in Mark D Gall, PTIM
Grand Council
Alternate Representative Bryan K Fritz, PTIM
in Grand Council
Appointed Officers
Captain of the Guard: Robert P Johnston II
Marshall: Daniel E Tarafas
Pursuivant: Ralph A Schaffer, PTIM
Chaplain: by monthly appointment
Sentinel: by monthly appointment
Puissant District Deputy Mark D Gall, PTIM
Grand Master of District No.8:

Living Past Thrice Illustrious Masters
1956 Glenn C Snyder + 2006 Eugene F Leitgeb +
1971 Ralph A Schaffer 2007 Gerard F Palagonia +
1980 Charles S Canning + 2008 Aaron R White +
1987 George W Young + 2008 Stephen Gardner #
1989 Thomas R Lawall 2009 James E Green +
1990 Frederic B Koch 2010 Mark E Bober
1995 Dale R Shenberger + 2011 Mark D Gall
1996 George E Hartzell 2011 Donald R Hinderliter #
1998 Gerald C Berger + 2012 Thomas C Helm +
1999 Kraig D Hess + 2013 Bryan K Fritz
2002 Harry J Beers 2014 Dennis J Mastriani
2004 David M Howells Sr + 2014 Robert J Bateman#
2005 William M Mason III + @

+ Knight York Cross of Honor # Honorary PTIM
* Past Grand Pursuivant (2003) @ Past Grand Sentinel (2011)
Grand Council Membership Apron  

For Official Information Contact: Recorder
Illustrious Companion Dale R. Shenberger, PTIM,
4629-8 Indian Creek Road, Macungie, PA 18062
610-966-3806 email:

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