COMMITTEES 2015-2016

    Committee on Bylaws
    John W. Pearson * 703-339-6591
    James Golladay, Jr 540-869-3784
    Robert K. Yaasi 202-832-2244

    Section 24. The Committee on Bylaws shall examine the bylaws of Constituent Councils and all amendments thereof, submitted to the Grand Council for approval. The approval of the Committee in the interval between Assemblies of the Grand Council shall authorize the Council to act under said bylaws until decision of the Committee has been acted on by the Grand Council.

    Committee on Accounts and Finance
    Alwyn B. Taylor * 301-925-3203
    John O’Hara 703-220-8110
    Roger E. Cundiff 703-550-1297

    Section 25. The Committee on Accounts shall examine and audit the accounts of the Grand Treasurer, the Grand Recorder, and the Grand Trustees, and present a written report thereon to the Grand Council at the Annual Assembly, and at such other times as the Grand Council or the Grand Master may direct. Its report shall embrace all the financial operations of the Grand Council. It shall also recommend to the Grand Council, from time to time, the amount of an honorarium to be given to the Grand Treasurer, the Grand Recorder, the Grand Visitor and Lecturer and the Grand Sentinel for services rendered.
    The Committee will prepare and recommend for approval, at each Annual Assembly, a budget for the next Cryptic year, based on the anticipated revenues and expenditures. It will examine and report to the Grand Council on any proposal for expenditures of the Grand Council funds for any purpose other than usual appropriations for running expenses approved in the budget

    Committee on Jurisprudence
    Jeffrey G. Burcham * 304-263-6675
    Walter P. Benesch 571-499-0938
    Solomon S. Jackson 301-445-7216

    Section 26. The Committee on Jurisprudence shall examine and report on the decision of the Grand Master and all other questions of Masonic law that may be referred to it by the Grand Council or Grand Master.

    Committee on Correspondence
    Douglas Cohen* 301-529-2772
    Romulo M. Capuno 703-644-7818
    Howard F. Coleman 540-775-7728

    Section 27. The Committee on Correspondence shall examine the proceedings of other grand bodies with which this Grand Council is in correspondence. It shall report such matters found therein as effect the general or local welfare of the Craft, accompanied by such recommendations as it may consider expedient. It shall examine all correspondence of the Grand Council referred to it, and report thereon.

    Committee on Work and Lecturers
    James A. Loudermilk, II* 703-330-0317
    Donald L. McAndrews 703-791-5436
    Douglas Cohen 301-529-2772
    Philip Palmer Sr 301-249-7787

    Section 28. The Committee on Work and Lectures shall cooperate with the Grand Visitor and Lecturer in seeing that the Officers of the Constituent Councils are properly instructed in the work and lectures of the several degrees. It shall decide all appeals made to it concerning points of differences between the Masters of the Councils and the Grand Visitor and Lecturer. Its decision shall be final unless set aside by the Grand Council. It shall report at the Annual Assembly concerning such questions and appeals as may have been submitted to it.

    Committee for the Grand Council to the District of Columbia
    York Rite Banquet
    Donald L. McAndrews* 703-791-5436
    Robert K. Yaasi 202-832-2244
    Douglas Cohen 301-529-2772
    Ex Officio Members
    Teko A. FOLY 240-305-9255

    Standing Resolution: Whereas those so designated on this committee shall be entitled to one (1) vote each and shall provide input and assistance to the "District of Columbia York Rite Banquet Committee" the Banquet committee is comprised of nine (9) voting members from the Grand Chapter three (3), the Grand Council three (3), and the Grand Commandery three (3). Participating members on the committee includes the Most Excellent Grand High Priest, the Most Illustrious Grand Master, the Right Eminent Grand Commander, and the Grand Secretary and the Grand Recorders of those Grand Bodies as ex-officio members.